About Us

Sim Racing Association (Singapore) (SRASG) is the national association of Digital Motorsport enthusiasts in Singapore.

Digital Motorsports; also known as Sim-Racing or eRacing, came to Singapore’s shores long before SRASG. Fragmented groups of enthusiasts had always existed since the dawn of computer and console driving games – in fact, the association’s core members had already formed small communities by 2010. In 2018, there was an effort to network, influence and combine different fragments of Sim Racing enthusiasts in Singapore into a formalized structure; a Home for Singapore Digital Motor Sport.

What you see as the Association is the evolution of the interest group in Singapore and the vision of the different community leaders to merge their communities under a single banner with a shared commitment to the excellence of the sport.

Some of SRASG’s goals include:

  • remain the leading Digital Motorsport community in Singapore
  • promote appreciation and awareness of the sport to the general public
  • ensure that the “racing” genre is represented within Singapore’s eSport initiatives
  • provide a stepping stone into traditional forms of grassroots and higher forms of motorsport
  • support the emergence of related industries and private/state actors as part of the ecosystem

SRASG’s intention is also to establish itself as a protagonist in the forming of a regional conference of national Digital Motorsport associations and communities, given that it shares the same founders, and therefore some of the same mandates, of the regional online community known as Sim Racers Asia.

SRASG was registered in June 2019 as a non-profit society with the Registry of Societies in Singapore. and is the Digital Motor Sports affiliate of MSS.