Our Partners

Next Level Racing is an award-winning brand of motorsports simulation hardware with a focus on meeting the demanding needs of the next generation of elite sim racers through innovation and expertise.

With a shared interest in developing a regional community of sim racing enthusiasts, Next Level Racing and Sim Racing Association (Singapore) launched a partnership to realise this goal in March 2021.

ASRF is the Regional Federation of the National Sim Racing Communities of countries and regions across the Asia Pacific and Middle East, founded in 2021 to coordinate efforts and share best practices to develop a framework for regional community development.

Sim Racers Asia logo

Sim Racers Asia is a non-profit community of virtual racing enthusiasts in Asia that enjoy competing across a variety of platforms; eg. iRacing, Assetto Corsa, rFactor and GT Sport. SRA is the mainstay eRacing series organizer in the region, running racing series since 2011.

Gran Turismo Singapore (GTSG), Singapore’s largest Gran Turismo and Sim Racing community, is founded by Jimmy “seizure_” Oh, a long-time enthusiast of the Gran Turismo series. Gran Turismo Singapore Facebook Page was founded in November 2010 with the aim to gather primarily Singapore-based Gran Turismo drivers as well as sim-racers from other platforms. 
Since the establishment of GTSG, this casual community has amassed almost 800 members and the number of members has been growing year-on-year. Over the past few years, numerous online and offline events were successfully organised by GTSG with the help of various industry partners and sponsors to further encourage the events participation and community-bonding within the Singapore Gran Turismo scene.

In 2019, GTSG became a partner of Sim Racing Association (Singapore) (SRASG).