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With beginnings from 2011, we celebrate Sim Racing’s potential in delivering the excitement of motorsports through online competition and initiatives built on shared passions. Our diverse public community of over 300 enthusiasts within and beyond Singapore features Sim Racers active on every title and platform, along with Content Creators, Broadcasters, Race Promoters, Motorsport Grassroots, Event Organisers and Motorsport Marketers.

An SRA-SG membership offers you perks such as access to future higher-level sanctioned competition and discounted rates at our social events.

Membership is open to all nationalities. Membership terms are valid until 31st December each year, thereafter the option to renew will be available.

Overview of Association Membership Categories:

Voting Member – S$24 p.a.
Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents 21 years of age or older residing anywhere. Voting members have full voting rights at Association meetings.

Non-voting Member – Free
Non-citizens, non-SPRs, or individuals below the age of 21. Non-voting members do not enjoy voting rights.

Corporate Member – Contact us
Bundle of 3 membership seats per corporate entity. Corporate members enjoy exclusive corporate representation on SRASG’s platforms and during activities. Corporate members do not enjoy voting and office-bearing rights.

Association Membership is non-refundable and non-transferrable.