SRA iRacing League Protest Form

We wish to remind league participants that racing incidents happen with competition. The principle behind a stewarding mechanism is to uphold racing standards and deter malicious intentions.

The submission window is strictly open only from 14:30 GMT on race nights to 07:00 GMT the following day. Submissions made outside of this window will not be reviewed. Frivolous protests will not be entertained.

iRacing League Protest Form
Name of person reporting incident. Indicate full name with suffix number if applicable
Refer to SRASG Sporting Code for full details
Eg. Eg. R5 17 Apr 20 at Interlagos
Eg. Practice/Qualifying/Warmup/Heat1/Race/Warmup2 etc - input as applicable
Session Split *
Heat # + timestamp or lap number and corner (eg. Heat 1 13m10s or Heat 1 Lap 6 Eau Rouge and/or Turn 3)